About NHFS

New Hope Family Shelter is our community's response to a need established as a priority at the 2010 Homelessness Summit. New Hope House is the only emergency shelter in Monroe County that keeps homeless families together -- a critical aspect of any strategy to address the problems that lead to homelessness.

New Hope Family Shelter’s mission is to provide temporary shelter for homeless families in Bloomington and Monroe County and, in collaboration with other agencies, to help those families regain housing by addressing the problems that led to homelessness. The main shelter, New Hope House, provides accommodation for three families for up to 90 days while our case manager and director works with those families in daily contact and weekly conferences.

Moms and dads who are homeless have adult problems that are addressed by the New Hope Plan: case management plus shelter. Case management means developing strategies for adults to find stability – both in housing and employment. For children case management means helping them navigate the complexity of living in poverty.

Homelessness creates a profound instability for children about where they live, moving from school to school, and parents who are upset because at the moment they are unable to make a safe and secure place for their children. New Hope House was founded to specifically address the challenges children experiencing homelessness face. The needs and well being of shelter children are at the center of New Hope operations. From age-appropriate toys, books, and school materials, to programs to help connect children to healthy recreation, foods, and experiences, staff and volunteers at New Hope help children overcome the emotional and social difficulties of homelessness.
New Hope needs individuals to come spend time working with families. We invite members of the community to come cook dinner at the shelter, read books to children, take some kids out for ice-cream, or help a mom or dad fill out job applications and practice interviewing skills.
Homelessness and poverty in Monroe County is everybody's problem. Get involved: give your time by volunteering, donate needed supplies, contribute money, and advocate for homeless people and families living in poverty. Educate others about poverty issues, participate in discussions on this website, and pressure elected officials to do the right thing.
Accessing Services
Families are subject to a criminal background check and possible drug screenings. Case managers should contact New Hope at 812-334-9840 during office hours, M-F 10-5. If a family does not have a case worker, they may call the shelter directly during business hours or dial 2-1-1 to access social services.